2018 | Idle Kingdoms Web App
Vue JS Game

Test it out: Vue.js Idle Kingdoms Game

This game has been a long time coming. I started this idea back in april 2018, Where I wanted to focus on learning JS. I looked at a lot of HTML5 game engines, but decided that I would rather focus my time toward web tools and libraries. I spent about two weeks in my free time developing a Jquery based game. I was using setInterval to update all the content. and while at that scale, it worked fine. I knew that the way I was parsing html and rendering content just wasn’t effcient.

My first attempt at the game: Jquery + Bulma.io

In June, a friend put me onto Vue.js, a JavaScript framework. I fell in love immediatly. I had worked with JavaScript on some other small projects; I had never really delved into it. Initially I was riding a high, I was loading it into the page just like Jquery, and manipulating the page. I loved how simple it made managing the pages content. and I could segment each part as needed on the page. Following some resources, I learned how to bind and manage data. But I quickly realized that vue has far more than what I could do on this simple app.

My first run at vue, much simpler Vue + Bulma.io

I then set out and knew that I needed to really jump in before I would get anywhere. This stared a serious delve into learning the framework, I completed a few small projects, that each progressed on the previous version. This then got me into using the VUE CLI interface to develope full vue apps with components, routing, vuex statemanagement and server connections. Which got me to where the game is now.

Take a look at the GitHub Repo

Moving forward from this point, I will continue to develop out the game. Building out the choices, consequnces, and depth of play. I’m also planning to set it up to have user authentication and management, so that you can save and load progress.