2016 | SFCC Gradshow Website
Developed & Built the design - Silver Student Addy Award

Working alongside a fellow student at SFCC we developed the website for the 2016 Addy awards. We started with a prebuilt theme due to our limited time. And expanded on it with the design elements from our branding that we wanted to emphasize.

Another student shot drone footage of the event venue and applied a simple animation using the spectrum brand identity we developed for the event.

From there we changed content, added a sponsor wall. Then, I developed out the Students page, using SVG clipping paths and floats to sync the student’s page with our triangle brand identity. We color synced the photos to each program that was participating in the gradshow.

With that, our gradshow website was ready to launch.

Follow the link to view the live site 2016 SFCC Gradshow Site