2016 | Digital Quote Deck
Business Card Deck of Quotes

In 2016 when I set out to create my business cards, my branding was all over the place. I had grown attached to one of the branding concepts that I had moved away from for my personal branding. It was this idea of a trickster, who had many different faces. It was rather abstract, and didn’t fit for me, and how I usually present myself. However, I latch onto this idea, of many different faces. Then I realized it, a quote deck. A quote on the face of each card. I’ve always been interested in card games, and so it made perfect sense to me.

So I set out to find quotes from people who have always inspired me. Although there was one thing that didn’t sit right away. I was creating this really interesting business card, but how would I integrate this idea onto my website. I would use a tile flipper and display the face on the back of the card then randomize it at the push of a button. It wasn’t easy, and at the time I had little to know JavaScript Experience.

But it worked and turned out to be relatively easy. Follow the link below to test it out.

Codepen Quote Deck