2015 | Recycling Ad Campaign
Recycling Ad Campaign - Gold Student Addy Award

For this ad campaign, I was thinking a lot about how the world is affected by our trash, and how important it is for us as a society to ensure that we minimize our effect on the environment.

In my search to create a powerful impact with my graphic, I wanted to think about the inverse and what would happen if we failed to preserve our world as we know it. In that idea, rather than going cliche with the use of a destroyed and decaying world. I wanted to use graphics and imagery that we closely associate with garbage.

So, with that thought in mind, and working with a photography student at Spokane Falls Community College, I gathered the elements I was going to combine together. Using the frame from a globe, to communicate that the thinking was about the world. I photographed three objects, A trash bag that we carry trash in, a used and abused tin garbage can, and a trashed and falling apart cardboard box. Each one replacing the globe of the earth. To represent the world and our effect on it if we were to fail in our pursuits of preservation.